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More than 30 years of experience in Banking law to companies and individuals guarantee absolute feasibility to our clients. Professionalism and high qualification of the lawyers of the Financial and Banking Law Departament of PIERRE ABOGADOS ensure a high quality service to our clients.

Similarly, our lawyers have acquired vast and renowned experience on procedural matters. They have been involved in a great number of noteworthy court proceedings, defending the interests of national and international companies, as well as individuals.

The experience and excellent educational training of the lawyers belonging to the Financial and Banking Law Departament allow our clients to benefit from the best legal strategies adapted to each case in order to defend their interests with quality and efficiency.

The Financial and Banking Law Departament of
PIERRE ABOGADOS has a vast and solid record based on the quality and excellence of its services with the purpose of offering our clients an optimum advice on Banking Law.

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    Next 31 December 2014, many lease agreements shall expire. Such expiration affects indefinite duration agreements.

    We advise you on the necessary procedures to prevent the extension of this kind of agreements.

    Do you want to prevent expiration of your indefinite agreement?

    We will assist you on the procedures to transfer the agreement to prevent expiration of this kind of indefinite agreements.

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    Real state

    • Did you know that when you sell a real estate you are obliged to pay the Municipal Duty or Tax on Capital Gain of Urban Land?

    • Did you know that recently Town Councils have notoriously increased the values and ratios to calculate the Municipal Duty leading to exorbitant and unfair assessments?

    • Did you know that you can appeal such assessments if they have omitted the real values of the real estate and the existence or loss of value thereof from the purchase to the sale?

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The need for companies to implement a model of crime prevention following the amendment of the penal code.
According to the recent amendment of the Penal Code, in particular article 31 bis, any company may be penalized for crimes committed for its direct or indirect benefit by its directors, partners, administrators, agents and employees, as well as external personnel related to the daily activity of the company.

The effective implementation of a Criminal Compliance Program, hereinafter "MPD", will exempt the company from a possible criminal responsibility if it is available prior to the commission of the crime.

The penalties provided for companies in case of conviction are: 1) fine for fees or proportional 2) dissolution of the company 3) closing of establishments up to five years 4) suspension of activities up to five years 5) definitive prohibition or temporary in the future to carry out the activities in the exercise of which the crime was committed 6) disqualification up to 15 years to obtain subsidies and public subsidies, to contract with the public sector and to enjoy tax or social security benefits, and 7) judicial intervention up to five years in favor of creditors or workers.

We inform you that the duty to implement an MPD extends to all companies, including small companies, public mercantile companies, sports clubs, foundations and civil associations.

It is very important to implement an effective, accurate and personalized MPD for each company, always adapted to the specific risks.

That is why, from PIERRE ABOGADOS Law Firm, we recommend that all COMPANIES have an MPD adapted to their specific risks in order to avoid a possible criminal responsibility, but also to: 1) provide a serious, safe and responsible working environment 2) true business ethics 3) to be able to enter into commercial contracts with big companies 4) to attract customers who move in the same legality compliance plan that the company, 5) access to financing or public subsidies and 6) avoid reputational irrigation.

We are at your disposal to detail all the information you need.

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Do you need to bring a lawsuit in exercise of your rights?

Have you been sued and do you require advice and defense in Courts?

We ensure your legal defense in all kind of proceedings and court and arbitration litigation.

We prepare your lawsuit or if sued, we prepared the answer to the complaint. We plan the strategy of the proceeding and we will walk you through all procedures, trials and appearances. We will draw up and arrange your appeals.

Our commitment is to defend your interests in Courts of Justice or Arbitration.

Our team is especially experienced in all kind os litigation and will walk you through the entire proceeding, from its commencement to its conclusion.

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  • Sociedades

    Are you a partner of a company?

    If you need the presence of Notary Public at a shareholders’ meeting or if you need to know in which cases you must request it or to deal with certain items of your interests at the shareholders’ meeting, we will assist you to meet your needs.

    • Did you know that you can apply for the appointment of an auditor of the company at the expense of the company?
    • If you need to check the accuracy of the accounts of your company, we advise you how to do it or ask it to the other partners.
    • Did you know that you can request the presence of a Notary Public at shareholders’ meetings at the expense of the company?
    • Did you know that you can request certain items to be dealt with in the Agenda of a meeting?
    • If you need the presence of Notary Public at a shareholders’ meeting or if you need to know in which cases you must request it or to deal with certain items of your interests at the shareholders’ meeting, we will assist you to meet your needs

    In Pierre Abogados we are experts in legal advice to companies, partners, directors or individuals in all matters related to the workday routine of any company.

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    Regulations on companies have been recently modified significantly.

    Are you a Director of a company?

    • We assist you to solve any doubts on your obligations and liabilities as Director. Be informed of all developments on company regulations.

    • Did you know that call to partners can be made by publishing an announcement on the web page of the company?

    • Simplify and expedite calls to partners, shareholders’ meetings and other meetings.

    • We assist you to prevent any mistakes in your management as manager of your company. Contact us.

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Our firm, with vast experience and knowledge, provides an effective legal advice on all such matters regarding Marinas.

The daily routine of any Marina, with mooring services, companies rendering services in the technical area, tenants of commercial premises or the Dry Marina or users of the parking area oblige it to be provided with a specialized legal advice on the particularities of this sector.

Additionally, we give advice on matters related to awarding and monitoring of the Administrative Concession, as well as regarding any possible extensions and deferrals thereof, arranging any files before the Competent Authorities and Land Registries.

Currently, we are undergoing an important reform of the applicable regulations, among others, the new Coast Law, its Regulation, the Port Law and Royal Decree-Law 8/2014, of 4 July, which has established new terms for this kind of Concessions.

In Pierre Abogados we are experts on these matters.

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