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  • Advice to any kind of companies, joint ventures and economic interests groups from their incorporation to their dissolution.

  • Joint venture agreements, strategic alliances and cooperation agreements.

  • Advice to shareholders, partners and directors, with special focus to liability of managing executives and in fact or law directors.

  • Challenge of corporate agreements, defense of shareholders’ rights and claims for liability.

Companies Secretariat

  • Preparation and attendance at shareholders’ meetings and boards of directors, drawing up the relevant minutes, certificates, lists of attendance, etc.

  • Drawing-up and negotiation of any corporate documents, partners’ agreements, bylaws, protocols, etc.

  • Processing of any documentation before the relevant registries.

Acquisitions and Sales of Companies and Assets

  • Legal audits and due diligence processes.

  • Venture capital or private capital investments.

Corporate Restructuring

  • Mergers and demergers of companies and business groups. Creation of subsidiaries or branches.

  • Joint venture agreements, strategic alliances and cooperation agreements.

  • Planning and organization of the succession in family businesses.

Personal data protection

  • Compliance degree analysis of the regulations in force and preparation of a Report on the compliance degree with proposals of remedial actions.

  • Preparation of the mandatory Security Document and contracts and documents required to lawfully collect personal data.

  • Registration and modification of private files with personal data in the General Registry of the Spanish Agency of Personal Data Protection and the respective Agencies in the Autonomous Communities for public files.

  • Audits of data protection of documentary and automated files with medium and high security levels.

  • Legal advice on Sanctioning Proceedings brought by the AEPD and in any ordinary jurisdiction.



  • Advice on the arrangement, wording, negotiation, conclusion and development of any kind of commercial contracts (distribution, agency, franchise, deposit, etc.)

  • Advice in relation to contracting with consumers and users.

Financial and Banking Law

  • Advice on facility agreements, guarantees, syndicated credits, loans, special contracts for financial products and banking agreements.

  • Advice on factoring, leasing and renting agreements.

  • Asset securitization.

  • Guarantees and collaterals. Mortgage.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

  • Advice on intellectual property protection (domain names, copyrights, etc.)

  • Advice on industrial property protection (trademarks, designs, patents, utility models, etc.)

  • Drawing-up of contracts and advice on contracting of intellectual and industrial property rights.

  • Unfair competition practices.

  • Advertising

Competition Law

  • Advice on unfair competition and protection of competition.

  • Advice on industrial property protection (trademarks, designs, patents, utility models, etc.)

  • Filing, monitoring and defense of any proceedings before the Competition Court and Service and the competent bodies in the Autonomous Communities.

New technologies

  • E-commerce, telecommunications and online services.

  • Digital signature, contracting of related products and services, certification policies.

  • E-invoicing of related products and services.

  • Contracting and policies of products and services related to Internet and Web sites.

  • Software development, licence, maintenance and support agreements.

  • Other agreements on Information Technology.

Bankruptcy and Restructuring

  • Preliminary advice with special focus on matters related to directors’ liabilities.

  • Advice, organization, request and management of creditors’ meetings.

  • Advice and execution of early proposals of agreement.

  • Proceed in the bankruptcy assessment case to determine the degree of fault.

  • Defense in refund actions.

  • Proposals of agreement and feasibility plans.

  • Advice on the acquisition of business units or assets of bankrupted companies.


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