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  • Advice to any kind of companies, joint ventures and economic interests groups from their incorporation to their dissolution.

  • Joint venture agreements, strategic alliances and cooperation agreements.

  • Advice to shareholders, partners and directors, with special focus to liability of managing executives and in fact or law directors.

  • Challenge of corporate agreements, defense of shareholders’ rights and claims for liability.

Companies Secretariat

  • Preparation and attendance at shareholders’ meetings and boards of directors, drawing up the relevant minutes, certificates, lists of attendance, etc.

  • Drawing-up and negotiation of any corporate documents, partners’ agreements, bylaws, protocols, etc.

  • Processing of any documentation before the relevant registries.

Acquisitions and Sales of Companies and Assets

  • Legal audits and due diligence processes.

  • Venture capital or private capital investments.

Corporate Restructuring

  • Mergers and demergers of companies and business groups. Creation of subsidiaries or branches.

  • Joint venture agreements, strategic alliances and cooperation agreements.

  • Planning and organization of the succession in family businesses.


  • Barcelona

    Avda Diagonal, 458 7ª planta 08006 Barcelona

    935 955 050

  • Sabadell

    Passeig Plaça Major 26, 2n 08292 Sabadell

    937 255 600