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Real Estate

  • Advice on any kind of acts and contracts recordable with the Land Registry, registrations, declaration of new building works, condominiums, acquisitions, exchanges and transfers of real estate, consolidations and severances.

  • Documents and studies related to promotion of buildings, housing developments and in general real estate by incorporating commercial companies or joint ownerships.

  • Creation, modification and extinction of in rem rights, (mortgages, pledges, etc.)


  • Advice and production of any documents related to lease of real estate, their different modalities and features pursuant to the Civil Law or the specific regulations on urban and rural leases.

  • Claim and defense in and out of courts in any kind of matter related to the lease of real estate, either due to the rental, expiration of term, execution of works or non-consented assignment, among others.


  • Studies and advice on inheritance planning. Elaboration of wills, inheritance covenants, codicils and similar concepts.

  • Advice on all stages of the acceptance and awarding of the inheritance, including the previous and subsequent procedures.

  • Preparation, filing and monitoring of the declarations of heirs, both in the presence of a Notary Public and the Courts and Tribunals of Justice.

  • Defense and claim of inheritance rights, including legacies, forced shares and testamentary challenges.

  • Advice and planning on tax issues. Inheritance Tax.

Family and minors

Marriage dissolution by divorce

  • Marriage dissolution by divorce
  • Analysis of your personal and equity situation in view of the marriage or stable union breakups.
  • Solutions in custody of common children, assignment of use of the house, alimonies and compensations, allocation or defense of equity with special attention to taxation.
  • Negotiations, arrangement and drawing-up of Settlement Agreements of separation and divorce.
  • Elaboration, wording and arrangement of applications for separation and divorce.
  • Defense and judicial strategy in or before contentious lawsuits, modifications of court measures and executions.

Planning on Family Law.

  • Pre-marriage planning. Covenants and marriage contracts. Protection of equity in a possible marriage breakup.
  • Business family planning.

Judicial declarations of incapacity.

  • Disabilities. Court proceedings to appoint guardians. Reinstatement and extension of the parental authority.
  • Analysis of your personal situation and execution of notarial documents in view of unexpected situations of disability.

Insurance and Third Party Liability

  • Advice on insurance contracts of any area: life, accidents, illness, transport, industrial, third party liability, sea, etc.

  • Defense and claim before any litigation related to insurance contracts.

  • Defense and claim in cases related to third party liability derived from road accidents, occupational or any other accidents. Claim of the maximum compensation for material damages or personal injuries.


Our main target is the defense of each client’s interests, either if they are accused in a criminal proceeding or damaged by the commission of an offence.

The governing principles of operation of this department are fundamentally grounded on the creation of a relationship of absolute confidence, professional secret and transparency with each client to be able to draw an appropriate line of defense for each particular case.

Areas addressed:

  • Equity offences
  • Offences against people
  • Offences against intellectual and industrial property
  • Offences against family rights and duties
  • Offences against road safety
  • Offences against publish health
  • Economic and business offences
  • Offences against sexual freedom
  • Accidents
  • Domestic and gender-based violence
  • Medical malpractices
  • Computer-related offences
  • Offences against the Administration


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