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Our main target is the defense of each client’s interests, either if they are accused in a criminal proceeding or damaged by the commission of an offence.

The governing principles of operation of this department are fundamentally grounded on the creation of a relationship of absolute confidence, professional secret and transparency with each client to be able to draw an appropriate line of defense for each particular case.

Areas addressed:

  • Equity offences
  • Offences against people
  • Offences against intellectual and industrial property
  • Offences against family rights and duties
  • Offences against road safety
  • Offences against publish health
  • Economic and business offences
  • Offences against sexual freedom
  • Accidents
  • Domestic and gender-based violence
  • Medical malpractices
  • Computer-related offences
  • Offences against the Administration


  • Barcelona

    Avda Diagonal, 458 7ª planta 08006 Barcelona

    935 955 050

  • Sabadell

    Passeig Plaça Major 26, 2n 08292 Sabadell

    937 255 600