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Family and minors

Marriage dissolution by divorce

  • Marriage dissolution by divorce
  • Analysis of your personal and equity situation in view of the marriage or stable union breakups.
  • Solutions in custody of common children, assignment of use of the house, alimonies and compensations, allocation or defense of equity with special attention to taxation.
  • Negotiations, arrangement and drawing-up of Settlement Agreements of separation and divorce.
  • Elaboration, wording and arrangement of applications for separation and divorce.
  • Defense and judicial strategy in or before contentious lawsuits, modifications of court measures and executions.

Planning on Family Law.

  • Pre-marriage planning. Covenants and marriage contracts. Protection of equity in a possible marriage breakup.
  • Business family planning.

Judicial declarations of incapacity.

  • Disabilities. Court proceedings to appoint guardians. Reinstatement and extension of the parental authority.
  • Analysis of your personal situation and execution of notarial documents in view of unexpected situations of disability.


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